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A News site template is part of the default portal site template and provides several benefits to site administrators for news delivery, including:

·         A central place to display up-to-date information for the entire company.

·         A familiar, easy-to-use layout for end users and news providers.

*  Two news-specific Web Parts that enable efficient news delivery:

o    RSS Viewer in which to aggregate RSS feeds

o    This Week in Pictures in which to update and display timely images

Set up the RSS Viewer

A site administrator or page editor can display RSS feeds on the News site by setting up the RSS Viewer Web Part. The RSS Viewer supports one feed per Web Part.

  1. On the News page, click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page.
  2. In the RSS Viewer Web Part, click the arrow, and then click Modify Shared Web Part.
  3. In the RSS Viewer tool pane, type the feed URL that you want in the RSS Feed URL box, and then type the number of items of the RSS feed that you want to display in the Feed Limit box.
  4. To display the title and description of all feeds, select the Show feed title and description check box. To display only the RSS titles, clear this check box.
  5. Select any other Web Part formatting options that you want, and then click OK. To add another feed, click Apply.

Set up This Week in Pictures

You can set up This Week in Pictures to display a thumbnail and description of the latest picture in the Image Library as well the picture date and title. Users can display all pictures in the Image Library by clicking View slide show in This Week in Pictures.

  1. On the News page, click This Week in Pictures.
  2. In the Image Library, to upload a single image, click Upload. To upload multiple images, click the arrow next to Upload, and then click Upload Multiple Documents.

The most recent image that you upload will be displayed on the News page in This Week in Pictures.

  1. On the Top Navigation bar, click News to return to the News page to view and publish the picture.


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