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Preserve MetaData

There is a drawback to open a Document Library in Windows Explorer view  and move multiple documents to other folders/libraries because the document’s properties get updated in the process (Date/Time, Modified, Modified By). This also applies to copying list data in data sheet view from one list to another.

To move the contents of a Library or List and preserve the item’s metadata/property values within the same site collection:

  1. Create a blank destination List or Document Library.
  2. You don’t have to worry about recreating custom fields. Move process will create the necessary.
  3. Site Actions > Site Settings >> Go to the ‘Site Content and Structure’ page.
  4. Navigate to your source List or Document Library and mark all the items that you would like to have moved.
  5. Then click on Actions >> Move
  6. You’ll then be prompted with a pop-up that will let you navigate to your destination List or Document Library.
  7. After you select the destination, press the OK button.

By this method, all of the document properties/metadata while moving list items or documents from one location to another should be preserved.


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