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To start ensure that you actually have a SearchCenter site installed on the site. Without this, there will be no place for the scoped searches to target and the scopes will not show up.

After ensured that SearchCenter is installed, go to SharedServices to sure that the scopes are there. With MOSS, usually two defined scopes out of the box, All Sites and People. Make sure that scopes are there and there is data in them.

If above two are confimed then go to the base site for your collection. Log in as the Administrator and click on “Site Settings - Modify All Site Settings”.

From All Settings, find the Search Scopes link in the Site Collection Administration column and click on it.

SharePoint might lose the scoping information, if it has lost it for your site collection, you will see your two scopes here in the category of Unused Scopes. In order to reset your scopes correctly, click on the “New Display Group” button on the menubar.

In order for the Scopes to show up in the Search Drop Down, place “Search Dropdown” in the Title box here. Place a description in the next field. Now check both of the scope “Display” checkboxes and select a position for each (usually it is All Sites (1) and People(2). Make the default scope “All Sites” and click on “OK”

Return to the view you will see your defined scopes in the new Category: “Display Group: Search Dropdown(2)”. And go to your site you will see that the scopes are now part of the dropdown box.

To set up Advanced Search, create another Display Group. In this group place “Advanced Search” in the title and check on “All Sites” and make “All Sites” the default, Advanced search shows up.


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