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Linking CM 13.0 to P6(7.0)

1.       Launch the Contract Management Primavera Administrator Utility (admincm.cmd).

a.       Default location: <localDrive>:\Program Files\Oracle\ContractManagement\utility\CMAdminConfig\

2.       Log in using the Expadmin db credentials (default for Oracle: expadmin/expadmin; default for MS SQL: exp/sql)

3.       Once logged in, expand the ‘Database’ folder

4.       Then expand the ‘Project Management’ folder

5.       Enter in the appropriate DB information for the P6 v7 database.

a.       Type: Oracle or MSSQL

b.      Name: The name of the Project Management database (default: PMDB)

c.       Host Name: The machine name or IP Address of the Project Management database Server

d.      Port Number: The port number of the Project Management database Server

e.      SID (Oracle Only): The instance name of the Project Management database

f.        User Name: The privileged user name of the Project Management database  (default: privuser)

g.       Password: The privileged user password of the Project Management database (default: privuser)

h.      URL: The url of the p6 v7 web application – only applies if running p6 v7 Web (default:http://<P6v7WebServer>:<port>/primaveraweb/ShowProject)

i.         Encryption Key: The key used to encrypt username and password information to P6 v7 Web Access.  This must match the Encryption Key in P6 v7.

6.       Click the Save Changes button.  Restart the Contract Management web service/application

7.       Log into Contract Management, right click any project, and choose Project Settings

8.       Click the ‘Schedule’ tab

9.       Select the schedule from the schedule drop down, and select the project to.



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