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The server components of SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services include the Report Server and the Report Server Database. The Report Server processes and renders reports, and handles scheduled events and report delivery. The Report Server Database stores report definitions, report metadata, subscription information, and so on. Each Report Server requires either a local or remote connection to a Report Server Database. To use any of these components, each computer on which the Report Server and the Report Server Database are installed must have a valid SQL Server 2005 license.

Two licensing options are available for SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services:

  • Per-processor licensing. Required for extranet or Internet deployments. Requires a single license for each CPU in the operating system instance running Reporting Services. This license does not require any device or user client access licenses (CALs).
  • Server plus CALs licensing. Requires a license for the computer running Reporting Services, as well as a CAL for each user or client device that accesses reports either directly or indirectly (including the Report Designer and Report Builder).


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