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FTEs in Histogram Spreadsheet

Solution ID: prim80193

Can resource FTEs be displayed in a histogram or spreadsheet?

Status: Reviewed

Version(s): 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.2.1



Can resource FTEs be displayed in a histogram or spreadsheet?


Can resource full time equivalent be displayed in a histogram or spreadsheet?


To display FTEs per day, per week, per month or per year:

1) Change Edit, User Preferences, Time Units, Units Format to desired FTE time interval.


2) Change Resource Usage Profile, Resource Usage Spreadsheet or Assignments View to desired time interval.

Resource Assignment units are stored in the database as hours. When profiles and spreadsheets are displayed in intervals other than hours, the Admin Preference, Time Periods, Hours per Time Period values are used to convert hours to desired time interval.


For Example, when time units are set to hour and usage profile timescale is set to week then P6 displays 40hrs/week. If time units are set to week, the Admin Preference for week is 40 hrs so P6 displays one FTE per week. 


To display FTEs per Quarter:

1) Set Units Format to Month and the timescale to Year\Quarter

2) Right click lower right window and choose Resource Usage Profile or Spreadsheet Options, Graph. Check Calculate Average, choose 3 for the Divide interval totals by, and add Quarter to Unit of Measure.


FTEs per Quarter:




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