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How do I run the risk analysis on only selected tasks?

Status: Reviewed

Version(s): 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.5

Problem: How do I run the risk analysis on only selected tasks?

Problem: How can I run a risk analysis on only a few tasks, not the whole plan?

Problem: What does the ignore function do?

Fix: By choosing to ‘Ignore’ a task, it is temporarily omitted from the schedule; Any links to or from it are removed, and all resource assignments and costs are ignored.  The task details remain preserved for future use, however.

This allows you to see the effect of adding or removing individual tasks or groups of tasks on the project duration, cost etc. This feature has been specifically added for delay analysis.  This can be helpful to see the effects of a risk analysis with only certain tasks.  To ignore a task:

1. Go to Format | Columns.  Add the column “Ignore Task“.

2. Type a ‘Y‘ in the “Ignore Task” column for the task(s) you choose to ignore.

Note: To ignore a large group of tasks, you can highlight a selection, or create a filter to isolate the tasks you want to ignore.  A fill down can then be used to populate the “Ignore Task” field.

3. When the risk analysis is run, the task will be ignored.

4. Delete the ‘Y‘ from the “Ignore Task” column to make a task active again.

Note: If you would like to quickly restore all ignored tasks, there is an option in the Risk Register Options to “Restore all ignored tasks before analysis“.


Information on this subject can also be found in the “Ignoring Tasks” topic of the Help menu.



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